About Us

WHO WE ARE: It was the late 1990s, when a friendship began between two ladies who thought they're sisters from different planets - because we were always connected no matter how, when, where or what - despite the big difference in age and personalities. 

My name is Tess. My beautiful younger sissy, Sam, is THE born fashionista. She so loves fashion and glamor, while I am the techie behind the scenes to materialize what we both visualize.


Formerly "Glam U" because we simply love to glamorize people with great products... but it missed something. After more brainstorming for an exclusive and a more meaningful fashion logo, the word "damn" was the missing piece of the puzzle!

Yep, you get it. Curbing a negative expression into a positive transformation (with "!" for extra emphasis of our purpose), Glamn U! is the new fashion lingo!

What Matters To Us: Our valued customer - YOU

WHAT WE DO: We make a difference in the fashion world. 

GlamnU.com showcases WOW solutions to YOUR search for TRUE quality clothing and accessories, ORIGINAL and unique designs, and the greatest customer service ever in the universe. Seriously. 

HOW WE DO IT: We are happy people, and we love to make people happy. And put a smile on one's face if we can. With the help of a great crew, we strive every single day to make a difference in this world, however we can, especially during these trying times.

ALL Glamn U! products are made and designed with YOU in our minds. Because we know how much you value comfort, the design, and the quality of what you pay for. And it is how much we value how each tee is made before we hand them to you.

Our Guarantee: ONLY high quality materials that originated from the hands of hard-working farmers before the fabric is crafted - the quality that is Glamn U's pride, equally paralleled with our expressive, meaningful, and original creative designs.

And yes, we are Certified Animal Lovers! And our heartfelt admiration for the love of these magnificent beings from our Creator is manifested in most of our designs.

You can NOT find our products in ANY OTHER ONLINE OR OFFLINE STORES, except within our "Glam" network sites such as Glam4Deals.com and Glam4Body.com

Glamn U! speaks much louder than words

So thank you, our valued visitors and customers, and.... Glamn Y'all! :-)

 Be safe and Take care everyone, 

Sam and Tess Glamn U Founders


Sam and Tess - The Glam Team